Friday, May 6, 2011

EDT Application reminder

Just a reminder: We get a LOT of applications to the team. A LOT.

If you haven't received a Welcome notice it...

  1. got sucked into your spam folder (check there first).
  2. it hasn't been 2 to 4 weeks since you applied (votes are once a month).
  3. your shop was turned down at this time.

Woah! Before you get started sending the hate mail!

We have a dozen admin that vote so it is not solely my decision. Also I do not send out rejection letters. Why? Because I got tired of being yelled at. Yes, yelled at. No matter how politely or kindly I phrase the letters. This messenger has been shot enough, thank you kindly.

Here are some reasons why you might not get a Welcome notice...

  • you have less than 4 items in your shop.
  • your shop is too sparkly, sunshine-la-la. Meaning, it is overwhelming not dark. We want to see 60% to 100% dark in nature. The more dark the better so we don't have to worry about your shop turning into rainbow spewing unicorns.
  • you pressed the blue "apply" button on the Etsy team page even though it states twice not to do so and that you should apply through the team application, link below. "Don't press the shiny candy-like button!" (Will anyone get the reference? ;D)
  • your answers on the participation questions of the application were lacking. This is a TEAM, if you don't have time for it then please come back when you do. You don't have to come loaded to the teeth with special skills but we do want people that will participate, help out/promote their fellow team mates, have fun, chat and speak their spooky lil minds.

I'm sure there's more I could add to that but I think that's the major points for now. I'll come back and edit if I think of anything else. If you're reading this looking for the application, and I haven't scared you away yet, here's the link for that:


Happy May! xx ~Static


Carol said...

history eraser button ftw! or the loss, really.

Isabelle Gloria said...

thank you for following :)