Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review: CoffinCritters' EDT inspired Day of the Dead Bedroom

My bedroom was a challenge. My walls are a bright turquoise (brighter than these photos) and my colors are strange. I didn't want to re-paint my walls and I had some art hanging in there that I liked. Therefore, I had to work with the bright, odd colors that were existing.
it all started with the Deady Bear I bought from Shadovnia. Although I am not 5 years old, I love having a giant teddy bear to snuggle with at night. My old Care Bear was getting worn, and was a bit too cheerful for me. I loved Shadovnia's shop, especially her dolls. She had one listed called "Deady Bear". I convo'd her and asked if she could make me a giant one, and boy did she ever! He is HUGE and so snuggly! Although I wash him sparingly, he has held up quite well in the washing machine even though he barely fits in it. lol
After receiving my beloved Deady, I was upgrading from a twin bed to a queen. So of course, I needed new bedding. I spent HOURS shopping in stores trying to find bedding I liked. But when dealing with colors of fuchsia, brown, purple, and turquoise the only options I had were obnoxious florals. I really want bright colors, but with a dark twist. I posted an ad on Alchemy, and of all the bids I received that were NOTHING of what I was looking for, one bidder really seemed to get what I wanted. She created for me pillowcases and a comforter incorporating a solid brown fabric mixed with damasks and sugar skulls. Of course, I needed it to match my Deady Bear. And the great thing is that her pricing was BETTER than the awful pre-made things I was finding in stores.


As I was browsing Etsy one day, a particular painting caught my eye from Meeshah's shop. Besides it having perfect colors for my bedroom, something about just *called* to me. I hearted it and kept my eye on it for months. I finally contacted Meeshah regarding purchasing it. She was so cute and great to work with. When I received it, I was so happy. It really was just the perfect icing to my Day of the Dead Bedroom cake!


Here are the great shops that made this all happen for me: (Not a Dark Sider, but she did an awesome job)



Sasha said...

haha, es genial, me encanta, de verdad.(sorry, I don´t speak fluid english)

Nacreous Alchemy said...

Coffin, your room is adorable, I love that you have used so many Etsy sellers to redecorate. Deady Bear is amazing! Thanks for sharing. :)