Thursday, July 8, 2010

Count Down to Halloween!

Greetings to all my little darklings out there! I would like to announce an exciting new addition the the Etsy's Darkside Street Team Blog. In an effort to help all you dark gents and divas get through the long grueling summer. As well as whip up some excitement for our most beloved of holiday’s, Halloween this Blog will start posting a weekly DIY article on all things spooky for Fall. One week it might be a ghoulish recipe to make that swinging soiree even more frightful. The next week a devilish DIY tutorial focused on adorning that carcass of yours. All of them will be fun and informative, and filled with spectral delights. Our count down to Halloween begins tomorrow so stay tuned.

Here's the links. Craft your heart out.

Spooky Recipes...
Red Velevet Cake Eyeballs- by: Custom Zombie


Natasha said...

I LOVE Halloween. It's my favorite time of year, and fall weather is the best. I love summer, but fall is just so beautiful. I can't wait to read new Halloween recipes! :)

Custom Zombie said...

Can't wait to see what awesome Halloween ideas our team comes up with! :D