Monday, March 1, 2010

Emmaline art doll

Emmaline is another member of Miss Millificent's vast family. Her favorite flower is poppies, and she loves them so much that she plucks them with abandon, immediately singing the ends of their stalks to preserve them a little further; surrounds herself with them, inhales them and makes concoctions with their tiny seeds. Afterward, she lights dozens of candles and emulates her favorite poet Coleridge and writes sweeping epic poems about ice cream, and essays on whether the man in the moon has a Swiss cheese face. Her cat Bombay purrs nearby and wonders if his mistress wouldn't like a nice, fat mouse.

Emmaline is eleven inches tall, and her arms and legs are semi-posable. She is made from paper clay, paints, pastels, fabrics and yarn. Bombay is a free-standing stuffed felt cat. Everything is hand-sewn, including the poppies. She is varnished for protection.

You can find Emmaline at Miss Millificent's Mesdamoiselles.


Yve said...

She's ace, so is Bombay :o)

Brian Blacknick said...

Nice work. That doll has real "tude"!