Monday, March 1, 2010

Darkside Soap presents - My Goodness, it's GREEN Guinneshhhh

Guinneshhhh beer soap is back by popular demand and it's now 100% more green. Just like St Patrick's Day is unthinkable without green beer, here at the lab we feel that a shower without green beer soap is equally unthinkable.

The Darkside Soap lawyers have advised us against using the actual brand name of the beer used in this soap, but after a long night of singing 'Dirty Old Town' and shutting down the pubs; you need something to make you feel refreshed in the morning.
If you thought this beer was fun to drink, just wait until you shower with it. There is no alcohol scent to this soap, just the mild nutty scent that beer drinkers of this particular brand love. You feel invigorated & ready for a few more pints in no time.

Soap contains olive oil, coconut oil & a very dark beer.


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