Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2nd - 4th Etsy Dark Team Weekend Deals!

Mark your calendars! This coming weekend (2nd-4th October), Etsy’s Dark Side Street Team is participating in Etsy’s Halloween Weekend Deals, and offering fantastic discounts off everything in store- up to 25% off!!
To take advantage of these great deals, browse the shops linked below for details of the discounts available in each participating store, then use the discount code “WEEKEND DEALS” in the message to seller box during checkout. Further information is available in each store. Welcome to Etys’s Dark Side, and happy shopping!

♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦

bRain - raindrop necklace with brain contours in black



Custom Zombie Couple Portrait 8x10



All-Purpose Voodoo Doll - Yarrow - Clay Art Dolls by newagedolls


 Nightmare Pillow


Skeletal Remains Among The Mums Gothic Hair Clip



Black and White Bat Heart Necklace


Dreams of Cleopatra


Grandpa Josiah 5x7 painting on wood



Zombie Killer Pendant Blue Glitter


 Flaming Bag Punk Rock Tattoo Style


Monstress Zine--Werewolves



Lighthearted Card Pack


 Day of the Dead SUGAR SKULL GYPSY Mask


SALE The Eyes of Bael Hood



 Saint With A Rose - Fine Art Photography 8x10 - Cemetery - 5x7 Also Available


Skeleton Hand Mini Witch Hat


Vintage Ouija Board Charmed Pendant Necklace BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Made By Laughing Vixen Lounge




Karissa - Altered Collage Brooch




Whimsyfolkartist said...

Hi i dont think I am getting the team emails. How Can I participage? Thanks!

Lady Miss Tiff said...

Come early and participate in the 1st Annual EDT Halloween Scavenger Hunt also!

Decorate the Diva said...

What is the difference between weekend deals and Indie Exclusives? I would like to participate too!

Static White said...

Whimsy - Check the team forum, info is there for ours.

Diva - You know I'm not sure, that's the first time I've seen anything about Indie Exclusive. I know you can find the info for the Weekend Deals by searching in the Etsy Forums. Probably for Indie Exclusive also, I just hadn't had time to look that one up.

mumbot said...

What a cool team! How do I sign up?

張惠妹a-mei said...

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