Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I won one of Kit's Twitter hunts recently (watch for more at The prize was a tiny little acid etched bottle that was filled with black liquid and hanging on a satin cord. The hunt ended Saturday evening, she shipped first thing Monday morning (from CA to KY) and it was in my hands Wednesday morning. Wow! She is fast!
Kit sent me a message to let me know that the package had been shipped and to expect it soon. I also received a follow up to make sure I had received it. It was great to know that she didn't just drop the box in the mail and forget about it.
The bottle was carefully packaged. It was in a small decorative pouch, inside a self sealing bag, wrapped up in bubble wrap, and tucked inside a small box. NOTHING was going to break that baby!
Now, on to the craftsmanship! This particular bottle is around 2" tall, including the cork. The letters are perfectly formed and very legible against the black liquid inside the vial. The etching is smooth to the touch, you could almost mistake it for paint. She even included an extra cork!
My bottle is on the left - the picture does not do it justice, though!


With this being a giveaway instead of a paid order, I didn't know what to expect in terms of service but Kit did a fabulous job! I would be most confident to recommend her shop to anyone.


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Surpreyes said...

What a great review! I purchased a poison bottle from KitCameo and had the same great experience; well packaged and extremely high quality etching. She is an artist!