Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Darkside Soap presents - Miss Congeniality

Ok, let's face it, this one isn't going to win first prize in any beauty contests. The bars are a little chunky with weird edges, the swirls are kinda blobby and the color is just downright bizarre. Is it purple, green, black or blue? Who knows?? What this soap really does have going for it is the, it smells nice. The scent is a mix of pomegranate & lavender, kinda a fresh, fruity, flowery smell. If you were to close your eyes & sniff, you'd easily fall in love with this soap...but eventually you're gonna open your eyes and be all grossed out by the appearance.



ClaireBaby Designs said...

I just love the things you feature on this blog and it sounds like the soap smells wonderful....and besides isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder or something like that?

mrsb said...

Holy crapamoly, there is Food of the Gods soap!!!

I just made my husband watch that movie (thank you Netflix for finally getting it!).

Best. Soap. EVER!