Thursday, May 28, 2009

Need a rush?? Darkside Soap presents - Rush Energy Wake-up soap

You gotta hand it to the creators of this energy drink, there’s no ambiguity about what kind of drink it is. Rush! Energy Drink. Here are Darkside Labs, we can’t think of three words that go together more naturally than Rush, Energy and Soap.
You see, we’re all about multitasking here at the lab, and who has time to wait until after you shower to get a jolt of caffeine, taurine and Vitamin B12. We prefer to absorb that stuff right through our skin so we can hit the ground running right after we towel off. As an extra shock to the senses, we infused this soap with three mint scents – spearmint, peppermint & corn mint, plus a touch of black tea sprinkled in. This one is gonna wake you up. Not recommended for people who like to take a leisurely bath before bedtime.


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