Monday, May 18, 2009

Chenille Macabre goes batty!

In honor of the Etsy Dark Team's monthly theme "Gone Batty", we at Chenille Macabre present three brand-new bat monsters!

First on the miniatures front, we have miniatures of a Dire Bat and a Scratcher, which is an ugly little wingless bat with long poisoned claws! Game Masters- sic these on your players' characters in your next underground campaign!

Then in the AMPUTHEATRE, we present one of its unholy masters- the one, the only... General Ghebembwe!

Abdicated by rebels, this African dictator was too evil to remain dead. He easily retook his presidency with his newfound powers as an asasabonsan- an arboreal vampire!

All handmade, all unique, all signed! Buy yours today!

-The Gil-Monster

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