Friday, December 19, 2008

Chenille Macabre Holiday What-not

Yipes. Almost forgot to sign in with y'all.

Just before I sign off for 2008, I wanted to post four more horrors from the Chenille Macabre line-up. We've got large figures of both the legendary, three-headed Cerberus and another of our popular Loup-Garou line.

On the miniatures front, a Clownface Psycho is looking to make trouble, along with another of our delightful little Gargoyles. All figures and miniatures have pipe cleaner foundations, are signed, and are poseable.

...I really wanted to get a Misfit Toy done for December's Etsy Dark Team theme (it would've been a Russian Cheese Grater Doll- or Garlic Press- instead of a Nutcracker) but- and this is not complaining- I've been occupied with custom orders all through the month. I'm still doing them. (Supposedly there's an occasion or something coming up.) I'll have photos of all of these projects up soon on my deviantART page (not all of the work was through Etsy) so check back in a few days if you're keen.

This will be my last post until 2009; I'm taking a little break from the store for a bit. Happy Holidays to all, have a great New Year, and keep art dangerous!

-The Gil-Monster

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