Thursday, November 20, 2008


From: NoStoneLeftUnturned

Item Purchased: 2 items purchased, a Pirate Shirt


& a Red and Black Hand Knitted Bag


Have You Made Purchases From This Person/Shop Before? nope.

How Was The Customer Service? Most excellent!

Was The Seller Friendly? The seller could not possibly have been any friendlier or accommodating!

Was Their Communication Good? Communication was excellent and replies to my inquiries were very fast.

Were You Satisfied With The Item You Purchased? More than satisfied and impressed with the quality of the material and workmanship.

Was It What You Expected From The Pictures/Description? Both items were so much more than I expected for the price!

Was This A Custom Order And If So Was It Exactly What You Asked For? Yes and yes.

Was The Item Reasonably Priced? Emphatically yes!

How Was The Packaging? The packaging was appropriate, no problems there.

Was Everything Carefully Wrapped And Protected? To my recollection, yes.

Did They Include Decorative Wrapping And/Or "Extras"? ummm...I don't think so, but nothing else was expected.

How Fast Was The Item Shipped/Received? Material ordered, item made from scratch, shipped and received, collectively very fast, much much faster than I ever expected!

Do You Think You Will Be Buying From The Person/Shop Again? Yes. I need those pants!

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