Thursday, November 13, 2008

Badge/Button Gift sets

I have a new Goth Girl illustration almost finished, all I'm saying is that it's called "Danika's cat" and he's a very grumpy little moggy indeed. Sneak preview later in the week hopefully, but for now, I am listing some "Gift Sets", an ACEO of "Voodoo Bunny", "Bethany" or "The Mighty Boosh" with a badge. The Mighty set includes 4 cute Booshy badges. The perfect stocking filler just in time for the holiday season... well, if your stockings are sort of ghostly or a fan of alternative comedy. Tee hee :o)

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1 comment:

Tara Fortin said...

Good luck with those cute little sets. They look great! I have similar sets like that in my shop and they have been really successful. :-)