Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog Awareness!

Good morning readers. As many have figured this blog has been updated by the Members of Etsy's Dark Side Street Team. They come in and post about new items or talk about old favorites. We so do love to share our darkness with others. Its part of human nature to be curious about the unknown or the unusual. Some may call it dark and twisted minds while others call it a break from the so called norm.
The Ladies from SolSisters Studios have written a nice little spill about our team. It was really fun to read it and one couldn't help but to smile at it. One of our many Tag lines is :Come to The Dark Side, We have cookies". Many are probably what kind of twisted cookies we have? Well to be honest they arnt twisted, and not poisonous at all! Most of the members on the team are chocolate fanatics ;) We have double chocolate chip cookies that come with a tall glass of milk ( or substitute milk). We may be dark in art but we are not that cruel when it comes to cookies and milk!
We sure do hope you enjoy our artists shops as well as there works of art. Maybe you will find something to take home?