Monday, August 25, 2008

agonysdecays NEW CONTEST!!!

Hello Fellow Team members! Just an FYI that this contest is not a part of any contest here on the Darkteam, it is my own personal contest BUT I'd like each of you to enter for your chance to win! Please read the rules! I will not accept your entry if you reply here, it must be through an Etsy Convo! Thanks and good luck!

Its been awhile since I've hosted a contest, so its about that time! And Halloween is right around the corner. Sure, my shop is a spooky one, but there are hidden non-spooky items in it!!!

This time, the contest is for your favorite piece in my shop!!

All you have to do is find your favorite piece in my shop.

For those of you who know how to send convo's, great!

For newbies:

At the bottom of that page you will find a 'contact' link. Click on it to open the dialog/convo box. Send the convo as: 'Contest'. Your subject line should now read Contest.

In the dialog area please copy and paste the link to your favorite item! If you are the winner, you will receive that item!! If the item you chose ends up selling, I may be able to make another one, or you will be contacted for your second choice.

You must enter this contest according to the rules. The reason all of the convo directions are so specific is because it will help me know which convos are for the contest and which ones are for other things.

This contest starts today 8/25/08 and will end on 9/8/08. This is a 2 week long contest so make sure to get your entry in asap!

If you are the winner of this contest, you will be contacted on 9/9/08!

Thanks so much and check back for more contests in the future!!!

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