Monday, April 16, 2012

Shop of the Week:

Artist Anna Young, professionally known as “Maiya”, started painting with watercolors at the age of 3. Her exposure to and fascination with art came from watching her father, Larry Young, in his studio, immersed in piece after piece of his own.

In her twenties, Maiya began utilizing new techniques and mediums, including acrylic, sculpture, mixed media, and even live body arts shows as tools for healing, as well as expressing her interests in world spiritualities, religions, mythologies and archetypes, often drawing upon both the Celtic and Native American sides of her heritage for inspiration. In the year 2000 she began developing an idea for a multimedia graphic novel entitled Fas Ferox: a modern-day mythology, incorporating the archetypal ideas and philosophies that she had been cultivating since childhood. She is producing this project with world-renowned writer Neil Gaiman as Creative Consultant, and working with a collective of extremely brilliant artists of various mediums. Currently, a World Walkthrough of the series is available online: ... Read more here.

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