Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Step inside the enchantingly spooky world of Marisol McKee and you will find yourself surrounded by artwork with a cultural flair and a myriad of stories to tell. Stemming from an inherently creative upbringing in a California farming community, the reach of artistic influence during Marisol's early years has left an important mark upon much of her raw and foreboding work.
As a first generation American and daughter of Mexican immigrants, McKee's interest in art traces back as far as she can recall, as her parents instilled imaginative ideals at an early age. Marisol remembers back to the late 1970s when she would often spend evenings doodling in a notebook while her dad watched "Starsky and Hutch" on television. As he taught her to draw whimsical birds, her father would lovingly admire the work that she cleverly filled her pages with. A serious man by nature, it was during these art-filled nights when she would see his contemplative disposition suddenly immersed in giggles and smiles... Read more here.

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Marisol McKee said...

Thank you. It is truly and honor.