Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Miniature Witch or Wizard Cabinet

A new model of miniature cabinet for your witch or wizard scene.
Including a pile of bones and skulls, real natural gemstones and a parchment scroll closed with real sealing wax!
From now on I am going to try and add more documents to my cabinets. From my own personal experience looking for them, I know it's difficult to find realistic prints for miniature settings. I make a solemn promise to offer very good-looking and clear-printed parchments documents! I hope this is the beginning of a new series of book-filled cabinets for dark libraries, studies and laboratories.
If you have your own idea for your very personal cabinet, please contact me at Kaleidoskopic Romance and I'll do my best to bring it to reality.


Dirgesinger said...

That is totally awesome. I have fallen in love with miniatures some time ago and this is among my favourites:) So realistic and at the same time so magical!
I do have my own ideas for a cabinet but I fear i would not have the money to buy it:)

Anonymous said...