Friday, February 26, 2010

Lucy Lou art doll

Lucy Lou attends Ms. Creant's School for Proper Boys and Girls, where she learns and excels at subjects such as numbers, literature, and etiquette. She is a smart and pretty girl with a loyal following, but her globe-trotting parents and attentive teachers would be shocked to learn that something black and unctuous broils under her neat and presentable appearance. For Miss Tiddly scolded her for giggling during teatime, and Lucy Lou does not like to be scolded. And today, she has an apple for Miss Tiddly. A special apple...

Lucy Lou art doll is eleven inches tall, and created from paper and polymer clay, paints, pastels, wool, and recycled fabrics. Her legs are soft-bodied, and her arms are semi-posable. Her clothes are not removable. She comes with her very own special apple.

You can find Lucy Lou here at Miss Millificent's Mesdamoiselles.

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Vintage and Cake said...

That's so Tim Burton, how fun I like kooky thing's. I wish I had a little girl, I can't see my little boy wanting to play with doll's :( maybe if I covered it in chocolate.