Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sneak Preview of New Pieces

Yes, I've been totally slack in making new stuff. The recession is a bit of a Catch-22 in that I don't seem to want to make anything new because nothing much is selling right now, but then I can't sell anything if I don't make up something new. I royally suck.

But I got a spark of inspriation (caffeine maybe) and whipped up a handful of new designs and I've been sketching like a madman.

Preview of some new merch I'll be posting at Perfidious Beadworks tomorrow. All have Victorian-era French Jet beads and reproduction photographs from my collection. I've custom-ground the glass that goes over the photos this time (at work while the boss wasn't looking), instead of the amber glass globs I've used in the past. I'm kinda getting tired of beading those damnable things!

I've also been learning Victorian hairwork and have a few pins in process that have a lock of hair in a "mourning knot", plus I'll be weaving up a few bracelets as soon as I get a comparable fiber. Hmmm, maybe eBay sells horsehair?

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Yve said...

They look absolutely lovely, they're bound to sell :o)