Saturday, August 22, 2009

Featured!: interviewed by Where Eagles Dare

Some seriously creative questions by Where Eagles Dare (Kate8085) cracks open the lid of MrsEvils' coffin for a few minutes to allow us a peek inside...

"Argento or Fulci?"

"Chocolate Malt or Malt Liquor? "

"Your husband buys you a Dolorian
for Christmas. What band/singer, (living or dead its a freakin' time machine!),
are you going to see?"

To find out MrsEvils answers to these question and more check out the interview here:


Kate8085 said...

It was a total pleasure delving into the evilness of My Pretty Zombie!
Looking forward to featuring more Dark Side sellers in the future!

Mrs. Evils said...

People just like seeing me with my eyes bleeding and stuff I guess... This was really fun to do and I'm honored to be featured!

Beth said...

Ooooo, I'm in love! hehehe