Sunday, May 18, 2008

Item Review - PickledPunk's Zombie Coloring Book!

Review of PickledPunk by StemOfThorns

Color me dead! Living dead actually and they're not coloring me, I'm coloring them!

I recently purchased a Zombie Coloring Book from PickledPunk and was very pleased with the item and the seller. The coloring book is one of my favorite items that I've purchased on Etsy and it came with a set of 4 buttons featuring original zombie art. Shipping was fast which is always a plus and PickledPunk took great care in the packaging, I was actually impressed by his packaging when I opened it. I will definitely be visiting this wicked shop again!


(Review composed by HandmadeHorrors)

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Beat Black said...

so cool! i just went to their shop. i guess were never too old for a coloring book